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Thank you Dr Davies, your custom supports are truly valuable. I saved about $300 compared to what I paid for my last orthotics. I highly recommend any orthotic wearer to try these. - Mark S.
Dear Dr Davies, I work for a National department store chain and I'm always on my feet. My feet and knees were always hurting during work. I was trying all of the insoles that I could find, they did cushion my feet but never helped with the pain. I found you site and decided to try your supports. WOW! they felt good from day one. I wore them about a week and sure enough my knee and foot pain disappeared. I never leave my house without them. Thank you so much, they are wonderful. - Carol W.
As it turns out, your custom arch supports were certainly a great surprise! They are the best I've ever had. I ordered 3 more pair. Thank you! Regards - Aaron W.
Hey, Your custom arch supports are awesome. Three of my friends have also purchased them, and they agree with me. You have saved me literally hundreds of dollars. Great product. Sincerely - Steve R.
Thanks Doc, I can't believe how well your supports really work! - Stacey C.
I wish that I could have found you sooner, I would have saved $400 dollars compared to what my orthotics cost. And they fit so well in all of my shoes. I absolutely love them, and so does my husband. Your service is top quality, and I liked the quick response you gave to all of our questions. A+ - Jim and Gina H.
Dear Archatomics, You have gone above and beyond with you customer service. More companies should behave with the care of their customers, as you do. Your product is truly Amazing. Good luck. - Sal W.
Your process is really easy. I ordered you 3/4 cushion support system and they fit wonderfully. I highly recommend Archatomics custom arch supports to anyone that is dealing with any foot and leg pain. Thank you, Sincerely, Denise A.
Dr Davies, I think you supports are excellent. I couldn't fit my orthotics into my golf shoes so I would play without them, which limited my walking on the course. Your supports are so light-weight you forget you have them in you shoes. My game has not improved very much. But, it is nice to walk the golf course again without foot pain. I have ordered three pair to keep in all of my shoes. They are definitely worth the investment. Thank you for a quality product I can use. - Trent F.
Dear Archatomics, I purchased a pair for my mother and she says they have stopped her foot problems. I tried for years to help my mother find a useful product, We finally did with you custom arch supports. I also have a pair and love they way they feel. They really do make you feel more Energetic. I get them for my friends and family as gifts for the holidays, and every one of them tell me how much they appreciate it. You really have good products. Thanks, from all of us. Sincerely, - Helen J.
I couldn't wait to get these supports and try them, I admit they are the best I have ever had. Cudos' to Archatomics. - M.Hammet
Hello, My name is Dr Jeffrey Davies. I am the owner of Archatomics-custom arch supports. I have been wearing my custom arch supports for about 5 years, and they still fit and support properly. I developed this method and business to help the public to save hundreds of dollars in the search for foot pain relief products. There is a need for real productive, quality, and beneficial foot health products. I know that you will be satisfied for years to come.

Archatomics - custom arch supports will help you - And I'll GUARANTEE IT.

Thank you for you letters of support and satisfaction.
I am glad to help you.

Dr Jeffrey Davies - Archatomics

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