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- Meet Dr. Davies -
Jeffrey P. Davies D.O., M.S., C.Ped

Board Certified Family Physician, Biomedical Engineer and Certified Pedorthist

Dr. Jeffrey Davies, a board certified family physician, also has a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering.  Prior to entering medical school Dr. Davies spent 12 years conducting research on hip and knee biomechanics at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Davies’ continued interest in biomechanics has led him to study how problems with the foot may lead to knee, hip and back pain.  Dr. Davies explains, “At the Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory at Mass General we would see patients after the joint had been completely destroyed by osteoarthritis.  I always nagged by the question; what caused this joint damage and how could it have been prevented?  I am now trying to find some of the answers.” 

Abnormal foot motion can cause excessive rotation of the lower leg and thus stress concentrations in the hip and knee cartilage.  I believe that if the slight imbalances of the foot are correctly diagnosed and then corrected with foot orthotics not only will the foot, knee and hip pain be relieved but the devastating effects of osteoarthritis may be prevented.”

Dr Davies works with you directly  to determine the cause of your problem and design the orthotic that will relieve your pain

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