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Standard Arch Support STANDARD

Custom Arch Supports  Easy-To-Use Foot Impression Kit

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Custom Arch Supports  1 pair Custom Fit Arch Supports - 4 mm

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Custom Arch Supports    Our basic package provides: ULTIMATE SUPPORT to ALL 4 ARCHES of the FOOT while limiting displacement when inserted into any shoe type. This package is best for persons who interchange their supports in and out of several pairs and types of shoes. Best for dress shoes, loafers, athletic, jogging, and walking shoes.

Custom Arch Supports    Your custom arch support will provide support for the Medial-Lateral-Metatarsal and Transverse arches. When proper support is applied, balance and pressure is equalized across the entire Foot. Thus, creating PROPER BALANCE.

Custom Arch Supports    With correct support and balance, the foot begins to function with ease and efficiency. This makes walking, standing, or running much more natural and effortless. With this ease of motion, lower body and foot pain decreases while activity increases. Over 50 variations (4a - 14eee) of sizes.
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Warning : If you are diabetic, have neuropathy, foot ulcers, severe foot deformities, or under a physicians care. Due to the highly sensitive nature of these conditions you should not use any arch support device without first consulting with your Doctor or Podiatrist.

Notice: Your body will require a adjustment period to get use to your new supports.
Although, most will experience no discomfort, some people may experience muscle soreness.
Your supports will feel good the first moment you put them on.
Do not wear your new supports for more that 3 hours a day for the first 2-3 days.
It is recommended that you follow these VERY IMPORTANT wearing instructions:


Do not wear your supports immediately to work or exercise.
Simple walking around the house or yard to start !

Day 1-3 wear 1 to 2 hours daily. Your new supports
will require an adjustment period

Day 4-6 wear 2 to 4 hours daily since new muscle use and
balance has been applied, some soreness can occur.

After 7 days wear frequently. Within 7-10 days you should
be adjusted, and long term wearing should be effective.

( If extended soreness persists, discontinue 2 days, then resume wear)

custom arch supports

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