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- Why Choose Archatomics? -


We are not just selling a product .............. We are providing the solution.


We are dedicated to solving your foot pain.  In order to provide the solution we must first determine the cause.  We send a detailed questionnaire with the impression kit.  However Dr Davies also encourages you to send him an email or to give him a call to discuss your problem with him directly.  Many people are surprised that he has the time to talk with them on the phone.  Many people canít even get their own primary care doctor on the phone.  Dr Davies explains, "The reason I have the time is because I make the time.  I enjoy it.  Every person is different and determining the cause and solution to the problem is like solving a puzzle.  I find this work extremely rewarding". 


We also send detailed instructions on how you can easily make an accurate impression of your feet.  We provide free shipping and include the return postage with your impression kit.  We make the whole process very easy and stress free. 


We 100% Guarantee To Relieve Your Pain


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- Foot Pain Relief - Foot Balance - Orthotics by ARCHATOMICS -